Raising the profile of Local Makers

At Artisanity, we’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on our incredible local makers, and we’ve been making waves!

Congleton Radio Interview: Artisanity members recently took the airwaves on Congleton Radio to discuss Artisanity’s commitment to supporting local makers and the different impacts that a crafting community can make. The interview, featuring Jenny (Little Jen Jewellery), Clare (Knotting Special) and Nicola (Nicola Anne Illustrations), delved into the stories and passions that drive our community of artisans, offering listeners a deeper understanding of the creative forces behind the craft..

Listen to the interview below!

Meet the Maker Week: During this Autumn half term, Artisanity hosted an engaging ‘Meet the Maker’ week at the shop (Glebe Farm). This series of live demonstrations provided a unique opportunity for participants to witness the artistic process up close. Attendees not only gained insights into the intricate craftsmanship but also had the chance to try their hand at creating alongside our skilled makers. Demonstrations included needle felting, spinning, and wirework amongst others. Massive thank you to those who took part!

Encaustic Art Speaker: Adding another dimension to our efforts, Artisanity recently organized its first speaker session. The event featured a captivating demonstration of encaustic art techniques by Helen Kaminsky with hands on elements for those lucky enough to attend. We will be looking at holding further, similar, events in 2024 to give learning opportunities and open the door to some fascinating crafts.

These initiatives reflect Artisanity’s ongoing commitment to fostering a thriving community of makers. By providing platforms for visibility and appreciation, we aim to celebrate the unique contributions of each artisan while creating memorable experiences for our community.

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