Indian Stone Carving Exhibition

The Taj Mahal is one of the great beauties of India.   The skills of stonework and carving which it displays go back over 500 years.  20 miles west of Agra is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Fatephur Sikri, which has its own remarkable carvings in its former Royal Palace and Mosque ( large enough for 10,000 worshippers).

I met Vic Brown last year during a craft exhibition at Clonter as was impressed by the beauty of the hand-carved India objects which he had on display.    He explained that these had been sent from a family of stone carvers in Fatephur Sikri who continue the skills and traditions of the area.

Listen to a Congleton Radio interview with Vic and Artisanity about Irshad and the exhibition

Vic visited the town in 2020, and it was there he met Irshad selling some of the exquisite hand-carved items you see displayed this month at Atisanity.   Irshad, as the oldest and only son of his family worked hard to support his aged Mum ( who has since died) and Dad, and the rest of the family. 

2020 was not a good year !   Covid swept across Asia and  on into Western Europe.   That, for Irshad, was a disaster as there were no tourists visiting his town to buy his products.  He lost his part time job in a bus-station restaurant ( where Vic had met him) and managed to feed his family by working in the local food market, and a night shiftshidt security job.

With little money coming in, his landlord threatened to kick the family out of their home.

It was at this point that Vic stepped in and, since that time has been sending money to keep a roof over the family and to help with food costs.   He also asked irshad to send him a selection of the hand-made, carved objects which you see on display.

How You Can Help

The objects on display are individual crafted, in a hard,marble-like stone.  They are part of the centuries long traditional stone carving skills of the area, and part of the heritage of India.

They are also objects of great beauty.

Atisanity will not taking any commission on sales during the exhibition and neither will Vic.   Every penny of your purchase will be sent to Irshad.  He is working hard to save the deposit for his own house , and is already half-way there.   Once he can do this, he will be free of his landlord, and can start to build a new future.

Your purchase will, with care, last many years and, in the case of the decorative tea lights,  provide beautiful ambiance to your dining table or living room.

Most of all, your purchase will provide real hope and help to a wonderful person working hard to support his family in the beautiful town of Fatephur Sikri.

The exhibition runs from May 1st through May 31st.  Do come and visit and, with us, let’s make a very real difference for Irshad in India.

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